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Could be worse. Could be an Adam's watermelon or Adam's pineapple. No jokes about Adam's banana please. We're civilised people in this thread.
Pffft. No we're not.

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On a different topic:

Who got the butt?

Brak got the butt!

also, me the most femme I've ever been:


Shoes aren't the greatest (they're growing on me as my first girl shoes though, lol), but they were only a tenner and confirmed that I am, in fact, a size 10 - I was looking through the kmart for something I could buy cheaply to test out when someone asked if I needed help finding anything. I replied that I knew the style "but just eneded to find it in my size..."
Cue awkward pause and them thnakfully assuming it was just a slip of the tongue on my part
(well it was technically)

Was going to do some more shopping today but I saw someone in the store who I'm not out to so made a quick strategic withdrawl before they saw me.
You look real nice!