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The clapping was like music to Blitz's ears. He couldn't even tell they were overreacting. He was just busy soaking up their applause. Once they finished he said, "Blitz's Amazing Air Show will be Coming soon. However before I can do that I going to need a small plot of land to proper run it on and make money. however I'm going to need a few bits to do that and I am flat broke right now. Do you two know anyone who's hiring? The more physical labor involved the better."
"Well, there's a cafe that just opened, but we don't know a lot about jobs..."

Top Hat nodded and draped a hoof over his lover's shoulder.

"That's right. Silk Scarf and I aren't suited for common labor."
"We're not suited for common labor."

They nodded sagely. What this meant was that they were drifting hobos.