'Great, we'll talk after the ceremony'. Isaac replies to Donovan.

Isaac smiles at the compliment from Professor Oak.

'Thank you Professor. It's a pleasure to meet you. I've spent a fair bit of time helping with Growlithe, so my experience is mostly based on them'.

Isaac walks up to the Victory box.

I wonder why they wanted to send the audience out? You would think that they'd have the ceremony with them present. That girl's clearly quite sharp - the Professor seemed to think that she might be right about Tyranitar. Goodness knows, I've never heard of it myself.

As Isaac arrives he gives Razel a pat on the back.

'Well done Razel. I knew you'd take him'.

Isaac turns and offers his hand for Leena to shake,

'And well done Ms. I don't think we were introduced. Isaac Hill, and this is Tinder'. Isaac gestures up to his head.