Cops and Vamponies

"Officer, right straight ahead, a flying flamer," Barked a glossy eyed police pony in a bullet/bolt/kind arrow prood vest. "The rest of you, stand down, save your ammo."

"Yes, sir," Complied a glossy eyed unicorn officer as he grabbed the flaming arrow with telekinisis and snapped in half, snuffed it out, and tossed it to the side. The other glossy eyed officers held back, reloading, including the big guy in his protective uniform who began to reload his M70 grenade launcher with the help of another pony. Five were in protective vests, the rest in regular blue uniform with M19MLPs .45 guns. Their utility belts also holding taser guns, batons, hoof cuffs, walkie talkies, extra ammo packs, and flashlights.

"Those were warning shots, now you criminals, turn yourselves in or we will shoot to kill," The officer who we'll just say is the police captain. Though of course....there was Zephyr, who got shot in the head even if he's fine and alive, and then there was the grenade launched by their guy. They may not actually be hearing what they're saying.

Daniel would find nothing there where he landed, excepted for something having had been dragged away according to the dust print markings.