Happy hugs for everyone with good news!

And I get to add to it all! I had an amazingly aweome day today! On Friday, I asked my friends if they'd start using female pronouns for me. This was in a text message after I had already gone home, but...

Anyway, one of my friends invited me over to her house today, because neither of us had plans. We played some games and baked some cookies (she is a MASTER baker...I was in awe ). And the part I liked the best was it was the first time I spent most of the day In Real Life being refered to as "she" and "her." It was great !

The one bit of shadow is that I chickened out on telling my parents the need to come with me next Wednesday (to my therapist, but they don't need to know that part yet). But I cheated and sent them an e-mail to their work inboxes, so they'll find out tomorrow.