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Siege tanks aren't artillery except in siege mode though, and it's the effects of the artillery that matter, since if you're getting close to the artillery then the artillery is hosed anyway, generally speaking.
Exactly. A line of siege tanks in siege mode hiding behind bunkers will obliterate entire swarms of zerg so fast its sickening. I cant even remember how many times I have seen a full zerg swarm attack an entrenched terran opponent only to be utterly wiped out at range without them ever coming close. Its pretty much the only time the zerg tactic of, "Keep marching forward till you eat them" fails utterly. There was a mission in the first starcraft, I think early on in the zerg campaign, where you play the zerg trying to attack the terran outpost. They have the high ground and bottleneck, with the cliff face covered by a solid amount of siege tanks and bunkers along the edges. For fun I built the maximum size swarm possible of ground troops, zergling and hydralisks, and sent them all up at once. 200 pop army. They didnt even make it to the base. Of course, I couldnt let that stand, so I then built about 7, 12 man squads of mutalisks and blotted out the sun. Think I lost two mutas before the entire base was leveled. :p