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    Default Re: [4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell OOC

    Story of my life... Well since it is an ordinary charge, I'll use Holwing strike (If I recall correctly I can do that right?).
    EDIT : Reading again what you told me in PMs, I realise I could had charged , but it was a choice.. I still would had tried to hit the creature, so I just miss that falling damage sharing I guess.... sad, was a nice 13 damages!
    Additionnal damage (1D6)[4]
    I'll also use Iron wolf charge to add (1D6)[6] damage
    And possibly give -2 to his next attacks (wont push) : (1D20+4)[16] vs WILL

    Iron Wolf Charge
    You scream out an unnerving howl as you charge into battle. Faint-hearted foes shrink from your savage wrath.
    Encounter Fear, Martial, Primal
    No Action Close burst 2
    Trigger: You hit an enemy with a charge attack.
    Effect: That enemy takes 1d6 extra damage from the triggering attack, and you make the following attack.
    Level 11: 2d6 extra damage.
    Level 21: 3d6 extra damage.
    Target: Each enemy in the burst
    Attack: Highest ability modifier vs. Will
    Hit: You push the target up to 2 squares. The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
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