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I'm currently converting a pair of old jeans into hotpants for a post-apocalyptic themed party one of my friends is having in a couple of weeks. Just tried them on in the mirror, and damn I look hot!

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I don't know... I always wanted to try eating a CAT one day.

Perhaps if it was in a cake?
... *Learns that it's harder to Google a good "I see what you did there" meme than it should be*

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Needless to say, I giggled so loud I woke my boyfriend up.

ION: Why is he so cuddly?! The only reason I got out of bed away from his warm embrace was to smoke


My boyfriend can stay another night!

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Awesome! Delayed yays! And also, at the Return of Ravnica pre release, there was someone there who reminded me a lot of you, only with a slightly wider jaw and black hair. Her name was Olivia, and being in central Indiana, I thought it was cool though. I didn't say anything to her involving the subjects this thread is about, but she was really cool to talk to.
Yay~ ^_^

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Pffff screw apologies! Don't feel
Bad your life is awesome, glory in it! You're an inspiration, not an insult.