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    Default Re: LGBTAitp 27: Of Shoes, and Ships, and Sealing Wax

    @ Absol - huzzah for your friend being awesome Hope everything goes ok with your parents for the next week and a bit.

    @ Dragon Raptor (and other transgirls) - check out Tucking and other skills, for some good links and how-to guides that might help you out.

    @ Arachu:

    I'm sqeeing a bit at making someone a bit jealous

    And thanks to everyone else for all the kind words, it felt so good to finally look a bit feminine, even if only for a while
    Saw a dress I really liked in a shop today - I think I'm feeling confident enough that I'm going stop window shoping and just going to buy it tomorrow (price tag dependant of course! I think it's around $200... >_>).

    Siuis, that might not be an artifact, but the way my legs are as a legacy of several dislocated knees (which also doesn't help the flexability stakes much either). Not so good for heels either, but I'll make it work, lol!
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