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    Default Re: Anyone played the Pyramid of Shadows module?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sipex View Post
    Cool! I still haven't run any of your new encounters yet, we just did the Entrance Pit, the Refuse Room (the room with all the rats) and we're in the midst of the first library area.

    I modified the Entrance Pit only slightly, just threw in a couple of trolls who worked together to split the party up while the Ettin (name escapes me) cornered the target he wanted.

    I didn't do anything to the rats encounter to make it memorable, but the libary encounter, with only a couple of additional Thought Stealers seems to be working out great.
    The thought stealers can actually make for a challenging encounter if updated to MM3 standards, played tactically, and spread out. I agree that they don't require much modification.

    What did you use for the 'home base' or friendly faction?