"Very well then."
As you set off through the streets, it seems surreal. The city isn't burning. The clash of steel is long over. The world hasn't ended, here, however much it seems that it has to you. The one difference is that the majority of the townspeople are indoors, cognizant of the recent fighting in several locations, now. As you near the gate, you see that the healers, apprentices and minor mages trained and certified by the government in healing magic, are working with a few casualties, and the dead are covered by the side of the road. It's impossible to tell which of the bodies is your father's, if any. There are no soldiers in sight, except for the two standing at the entrance of a building (the one in front of which the bodies and injured are laid out} just inside the gate.

Gelvin looks at you. "This part is your show, how do you want to handle this? I don't see any other guards. We can try and talk our way past them if we want in that building they're guarding, but if your father is one of these out front, we'd need a distraction instead. We could try to sneak in another way, or just kill them and search the... casualties?"

He leans back around the corner of the building you are covered behind, and scans the street again.