They are actually serving as a decent challenge, we just had to stop half way through.

When we start up next session I'm going to have the remains (especially the Mind Shard) retreat to the hermit's room and hole up in there.

As for a home base? I added a hidden lower level to the Pyramid which can be accessed from the hall way directly east of the Entrance Pit. Long ago a band of adventurers set out to hunt down and slay Kavakros after his imprisonment, in hopes they could banish the demons which took over his kingdom and restore it to it's former glory. However, the adventurers didn't know about the Pyramid, thinking Kavakros had simply fled when the demons took over.

Kavakros managed to lure this initial party into the Pyramid early on in hopes that they'd slay his fragments and make him whole once again. However, the adventurer's failed and those that survived gave up and took refuge in the secret lower level of the pyramid, placed optimally near the Entrance Pit so they could go out and rescue potential new allies as they arrived, in hopes of some day finally escaping the Pyramid.

The lowest level is hidden behind a DC 28 secret door in the hallway, but two of the PCs (new arrivals) already know of it, being sent from the town to rescue the rest of the party. It leads into a large set of rooms, sort of set up in a cross formation with the main area where you arrive being the longest arm of the cross with the three other rooms coming off it at the one end.

The people in the town consist of those who don't really fit in else where, mainly innocents who have tumbled into this world accidentally or who were set up by Kavakros. Old blankets, clothes and other such debris which makes it's way into the pyramid is used and traded amongst the townsfolk. Items for protection or medicine tend to be worth the most since food and water are unneeded.

I've added in an Alchemist who can make the PCs potions from a set list if they bring him back Alchemy Reagents (which I've pretty much thrown all through out the loot in this place).

I'm working in some sub plots around town as well including getting a better populace, rescuing missing townsfolk and revealing an Arborean spy who has worked his way into the town's ranks.