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    <Insert moderately clever title with vamponies in it>

    "Targets have fired, return fire immediately!"

    Daniel's fleeting words go unheard as Rainbow shoots her bolt at them and they return fire in Rainbow's direction.

    If Daniel's continues to CAREFULLY follow dust print markings it would lead him away from the group and into the recesses deeper into the crypt and nothing more as far as he could tell.

    Unfortunately the flu flu bolt misses its intended target as another officer jumps in the way to protect his fellow glamoured comrade and their grenade launcher. He gets thoinked in the chest hard and glurks.

    "Nnngh...be careful....these...folks....they aren't vamponies, by the look in their eyes...glamoured likely.."
    Miss M grunted as she stood in front of Rainbow's area, and let herself get pelted by bullets to keep Rainbow safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luka View Post
    She lowered her face a bit
    "Like, when they're all part of the Royal Guard, and are so proud of it that when one member gets a different talent and cutie mark.... They're outright horrified and won't accept it.... instead they send that member somewhere to "explore" until their talent shows any relation to military; if it doesn't..... they keep sending that on to other places and won't accept as a member..."
    She sighs, half annoyed, half scared
    "I kind of lost track, I think.... And this is my first time at being a guard, at least by myself....But I haven't heard lately that being over here was safe at all....Maybe they did too..."
    Violet would soon, seconds later find the stallion wrapping her up in a hug. "THAT IS ONE OF THE SADDEST STORIES I'VE EVER HEARD." He began to comically sob, his eyes all big and watery with a cartoony pout and look to him.

    "I'm sorry your family are unaccepting meanie farts. I accept you!"
    He melodramatically said. Meanwhile, Silent Snow in the guard booth face hoofed at Idle's silliness.
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