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Thread: Get Well Wishes for the Giant

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    Hey folks - the "F5 Club" over in the kickstarter comments section had an idea to put together a sort of digital get-well card for Rich. I volunteered to be the point of contact for collecting "signatures." If you'd like to sign the card, PM me (or e-mail with an image that you'd like to put in (I'd suggest some get-well wishes and a signature, but you could be creative and send a pic of yourself holding a sign or a sketch or whatever you want as long as it's vaguely appropriate to a get-well card). If you're not tech-savvy and don't know how to make an image or send a photo, you can just tell me what words to write in for you and I'll type them into the card on your behalf.

    The more people we get, the more fun it will be for him to read, so please participate!
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