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"Mile's outside and Luka's still asleep, I believe."
"And morning!"

He puts pancakes that are finished on one plate carefully, and begins cooking more.
"Thanks!" she gives a smile back and grabs pancakes to a plate for herself, but then decides to just help him make more pancakes
"Odd, he likes the morning cold..."
Meanwhile they could hear Mile yeling outside "bees and honeeey-AHH! don't swarm around like that!"
"There's one of the colts, the little one"
"And the others?"
"Still inside..."

Barb snorts and trots out of the tent.
Next pony she encounters is probably gonna get a rock in the face.
Turns out Doth let himself get hit intentionally, after she goes out she just puts a hoof on his chin
"...Still can't figure it out, but maybe that could give an idea...."
He just chuckles, then winces once, that stuff hurts.

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Violet would soon, seconds later find the stallion wrapping her up in a hug. "THAT IS ONE OF THE SADDEST STORIES I'VE EVER HEARD." He began to comically sob, his eyes all big and watery with a cartoony pout and look to him.

"I'm sorry your family are unaccepting meanie farts. I accept you!"
He melodramatically said. Meanwhile, Silent Snow in the guard booth face hoofed at Idle's silliness.
She's just surprised by hug, then silliness
"Eh... Yeah, maybe a bit sad, thinking of it... though I actually found it more scary and annoying than that, but if you say so... Thanks"
She just hugged back for friendliness and stuff, but it would more look like she's comforting him
"...though I'm here because I also kind of wanted too"