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Hmm. I dislike the following:

- Black vs. White settings, where everyone is either Good or Evil; Lawful or Chaotic also falls under that
- Magic as Technology (trains running on elementals mentioned earlier)
What about other less crazy things...Such as casting permanent light on objects to be used as lighting, with shutters to turn them "off", or Other storage units of holding, such as shelves, homes, ice boxes, closets, trunks, pockets, so on. Rods of absorbtion's built into walls to absorb destructive spells. Magic carpets sewn together to make a derigible? Brain...I thought I said LESS crazy.

In other case, magic AS technology when done well I feel make good DM's. They take a system and integrate it into the world in creative ways. Train-elementals I don't consider to be one of them.