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    Default Re: [MLP FwM] Miscellaneous Outside Adventures.

    Quote Originally Posted by HalfTangible View Post
    Hey shut up, it's a family memento and I didn't have time to get a photo before Rose Bolt decided to make the corpses of everyone I know attend our wedding that I didn't know about, okay?!
    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    "Oh...uh...very well, thank you for your time, ma'am anyway," The pony on the other side said. The pony could be heard talking to their son blah blah blah. "Sorry, they don't seem to want to have visitors, let's find the food cart, get ice cream." And they were gone.

    And Lemon Chiffon sniggered, and then regretted bringing back attention to herself. Meanwhile, Fox Trot rolled his eyes at Lone Star, he had no particular comment to that except for sarcasm.
    Icy/Esmeralda was familiar with that part of Lone Star's history and decided not to make any comment.

    Instead, she tilted her head at Lemon Chiffon. "Something amusing to you, foal? I'm sure your friends would find you most amusing when they find out we're still alive."
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    We don't have enough pony to fill a subforum. We have enough friendship to fill a ponythread.
    Awesome Sliverpine ponytar by Dirtytabs.

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