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    Default Re: Hypothetical Tarquin's Half Drow Son

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe the Rat View Post
    Sole remaining son that he knows about, at least.

    Just because he's remarkably savvy does not mean he's all knowing.
    Exactly. If he's had many liaisons over his life, he's apt to produce a few bastards he isn't even aware of.
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    So the song runs on, with shift and change,
    Through the years that have no name,
    And the late notes soar to a higher range,
    But the theme is still the same.
    Man's battle-cry and the guns' reply
    Blend in with the old, old rhyme
    That was traced in the score of the strata marks
    While millenniums winked like campfire sparks
    Down the winds of unguessed time. -- 4th Stanza, The Bad Lands, Badger Clark