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    As you all reach the Victory box, you notice the Principal, Bryce Ronami standing in front of a table with a fairly large rectangular box. He is about 40 years old and his hair is slightly greying but you can still see some of his brown hair throughout, he stands about the same height as professor oak and wears blue collared shirt with tie. Professor Oak and the other teaches go up and greet Bryce before going to stand in front of the table and box.

    The Victory box consists of a long rectangular table with a few chairs around it, as well as some more comfortable looking couches on the outside, all looking out the window that takes up the entire wall facing into the arena.

    You notice that the box is the same that the pokemon breeding teacher (Damian, who Isaac fought) was bringing in to the arena when you were on your way in.

    Donavon, Razel, Isaac:
    The box looks similar in shape to that of the carry box Damian uses to transport eggs.

    Bryce turns to you all after greeting your teachers. "Well, you all did well, as expected. I understand some of you are a bit confused with today's... festivity. Well you may have guessed that it involves seeing the rate of trainers the school turns out, which is only partly true, it also helps the schools funding, but as you can probably tell, there is more to today than that." He looks thoughtful for a moment, then his eyes shift around the room; you can tell he is nervous, before his eyes come to rest on the box,"AH, well we can get to that later, first your prizes, all of you bring out your pokedex' please" As you do so you notice him pull a small box out from his pocket.
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