"Cease fire, one pony down, maybe this will make the enemy reconsider!" Barked the glamored captain. "Tend to your fellow officer, Officer Bones." He ordered a random officer to tend to the police pony that took the flu flu bolt for Grenade Greg as I'll call the big stallion for now. The rest of the officers reloaded.

"Sir, I count six enemy ponies here, our information said there would be eight---"

"Glamored ponies.......... are just mind ..............controlled ponies, other than that........... their senses...are like yours...you ungrateful b-----" The explicit was cut out as she fell to the ground on her stomach with several bullets in her back, black blood pooling. "Nnng...fuu....ow...."

Staccata would get no response from Gearstride, nor would she see any signs of Gearstride.

Daniel of the Like A Boss-Deeper into the Crypts

The stallion's trail long gone earlier would become cold, literally too. It soon felt like he just stumbled into a labyrinth-like crypt here. Twisting passages with just the echoing sounds of his hoof steps. It smelled musty and like mold.


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She's just surprised by hug, then silliness
"Eh... Yeah, maybe a bit sad, thinking of it... though I actually found it more scary and annoying than that, but if you say so... Thanks"
She just hugged back for friendliness and stuff, but it would more look like she's comforting him
"...though I'm here because I also kind of wanted too"

He immediately stopped sobbing but still kept with the hug. "Oh? W-well, that's good too! Better than being 100 percent forced!"