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    Quote Originally Posted by Seerow View Post
    Well that's disappointing. You say it was tasting like just mush in your mouth. Was it really spicy and just wore away your taste buds, or just the slog of getting through that much food made you sick of it?
    It wasn't nearly as spicy as I would've liked, but I didn't want to add any salsa to the top for fear of adding to the food. But yes, the taste just disappeared and I couldn't taste anything anymore. It was just feeling stuff in my mouth by that point, even though I tasted the Carne Asada, beans, cheese, bell pepper, and tomato of the exact same bite 2 minutes ago, I could not longer taste any of it. Thats when I called it as the end. Another interesting fact was the sudden drop off point, there was no slow down of eating. It was eateateateateateateateat-*Schang* No more taste. And that was how it went.

    But, I'm still pleased with atleast getting through 2 pounds in 15 minutes. Anyone else want to do that?
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