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    Round 6 continued
    The howl of a wolf descends through the cavern -- but it's not a canid, it's Mertes descending. The wyrmpriest spots him at the last possible instant, and dodges out of the way of the falling mountain -- but right into the path of Mertes's axe. (Mertes miss jump but hit charge, 17 damage to Wyrmpriest, not yet bloodied). Mertes very nearly sticks the landing, but the debris on the cave floor prevents him from getting solid footing. He lands at the Wyrmpriest's feet on his backside, but the only thing wounded is his pride. (Mertes loses 1 THP, to 23/39 HP + 3 THP)

    The southern dragonshield whirls around, his eyes blazing, and is about to charge at Mertes before the Goliath can get up. Before it can move, it's caught up in Alessa's powerful wave, spun around, and slammed onto the floor, along with the other Dragonshield and some minions. Only one minion stands firm amidst the torrent. Meanwhile, the slime engulfs and begins digesting the final Quickblade. Flat on their backs, the two dragonshields can only curse in frustration as they're denied the chance to charge their targets due to being grounded. (2 minions hit and killed, 1 minion missed, 2 dragonshields hit, both lose their readied actions, one due to being out of range, the other due to being prone)

    Zimelda, trying to reassert her selfish impulses, uses the last of her healing reserves to fortify herself. Who needs those goody-goody "teammates" anyway? (Zimelda to 24/29 HP) Yet perhaps her conscience pricks at her, or perhaps the universe wants to teach her a lesson, as the Dragonshield stands firm beneath her blow, her consdescending words proven vain (fumble).

    Arjhan finishes off another minion before going to join his companions against the newly arrived threat.

    Round 7

    Totally cowed by Mertes's daring leap, the Wyrmpriest daintily edges away, emitting a putrid musk of fear. He tentatively stabs at Mertes on the floor, but his spear point gets caught among the rocks (FUMBLE), so he continues to back away.

    The goblin leaps up in rage as his skirmishers and minions are cut down, and his two favorite warriors unceremoniously dumped on the floor of his cave. "MY CAVE! MY LACKEYS!" he shouts, blood vessels bulging in his eyeballs. He breaks into a charge at Mertes on the floor, bringing down one of the two axes he wields, opening a deep wound. (goblin hits, 7 - 3 THP = 4 damage to Mertes) Besides the axes, he wears leather armor and a mantle made out of a wolf pelt -- freshly skinned by the look of it (calling to mind the wolf slain by Mukesh that the kobolds carried off). Tied to his armor with rope, is what looks like a bent stick -- but on closer inspection, it's actually a withered kobold arm, severed at the shoulder. When he opens his mouth, the source of his name is revealed -- his teeth have been replaced with sawblades.

    With a wave of its spear, the last remaining minion ironically welcomes Arjhan to the battle, then spits right in his eye before rushing off behind Alessa. It's only saliva, and it distracts Arjhan for just an instant, but...(Aid another success)

    ...it gives the Dragonshield the opening it needs. Rising from the ground, it rushes at Mertes and punches its sword right through his armor, and the mighty Dragonborn falls. (Dragonshield 2 hits, 11 damage to Arjhan, he's Marked, Prone, Unconscious, and Dying). The goblin calls out "Much blood in that one -- make good sacrifice! Keep live!" The Dragonshields salute.

    The other Dragonshield rises and lands a vicious blow on the elemental while she's in her more vulnerable form. (Dragonshield 1 hits, 12 damage to Alessa, she's Marked) and then shifts away from the two women, beckoning them to give chase and abandon their fallen friend.


    Round 6
    • Dragonshields: Move: toward battle, Free: deliver bad news to wyrmpriest, Standard: Ready actions
    • Wyrmpriest: Energy Orb at Zimelda, 16 hit reflex, 11 damage, Move away from battle
    • Lower minions: attack slime, 24 hit AC, 4 damage. Aid anothers, 18 and 16 beat DC 11. Throw skull to top level, 21 is a success.
    • Quickblade: Charge Arjhan, 16 miss AC 22
    • Upper minions: #2 minor-shift, move-run away, standard-run away. #8 standard-fling skull at slime, 27 hit ref 16, 8 damage., minor-shift, move-head out cave, 16 beat DC 5 running jump athletics check over caltrops, exit cave
    • Mertes
      • Minor: Oath on Wyrmpriest
      • Move-Minor: Sustain
      • Standard: fail jump attack (17 miss DC 20), acrobatics partial success to reduce damage (lose 1 THP). Becomes regular charge, Upgraded to howling strike + iron wolf charge, hit Wyrmpriest, 17 damage, iron wolf secondary attack hits, Wyrmpriest is Rattled.
    • Alessa: Shift to human form, blast a bunch of kobolds
    • Zimelda: Heal self, move in, fumble attack on Dragonshield
    • Arjhan: Kill kobold, move in

    Round 7
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Move: shift to (n,13)
      • Standard: stab with spear at Mertes at -2 for rattled and +2 for CA melee vs prone, fumble
      • Minor: Shifty, shift to (o,13).
    • Goblin: Move toward Mertes, Charge Mertes, 29 hit AC 17, 7 damage - 3 THP = 4 damage
    • Minion: Standard: Aid Another on Arjhan, 25 beat DC 11, success. Shifty + move to (i,3).
    • DS2: Move: stand, Standard: charge Arjhan with CA, 27 hit AC 21 for 11 damage + marked
    • DS1: move: stand, standard: MBA Alessa with CA, 18 hit AC 16 for 12 damage + marked, shift to J6

    • Alessa: 20/35 HP, Marked by DS1 UENT-DS1
    • Alessa's Slime: 5/17 HP, Instinctive Action: Move toward closest enemy (unless an enemy comes into range or Alessa commands it)
    • Arjhan: 0/38 HP, Bloodied (+1 to attack rolls), Marked by DS2 UENT-DS2, Unconscious, Prone, Helpless, Dying, 0 DST failed
    • Mertes: 19/39 HP, sustain endurance, Prone, Bloodied, Oath of Enmity on Wyrmpriest UENT
    • Zimelda: 13/29 HP, Priest's Shield (+1 to AC UENT)
    • Minion: 0 damage, 0 THP, used Narrow Escape.
    • Wyrmpriest: 17 damage, Rattled (-2 to attacks UENT-Mertes), Oathed by Mertes UENT-Mertes
    • Dragonshield 1: 9 damage
    • Dragonshield 2: 9 damage
    • Goblin: 0 Damage

    Up Next: Team PC
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