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    Default Re: What would you expect in a new dnd cartoon?

    I'll probably write up something like Calemyr did. I'm using my four favorite created characters, and I'll also expand on the world they live in.

    Locke: Locke is a Human Fighter (Warblade in 3.5, but whatever) hailing from the Western Colonies. A young man of about twenty-three with strong convictions and a strong spirit, he's surprisingly smart for someone who magic-using foes like to belittle as a "puny-minded warrior." His main flaw is that he's a bit of a hot shot - while he's hardly stupid, he tends to get the party into new quests by accepting quests that no sane adventurer would accept. He looks visibly Native American - not stereotypically so, but he has notably tanner skin than most humans he encounters. Armed with a greatsword, he fights on to protect those weaker than him. You could sum up his personality with the statement "Sometimes, crazy works."

    Kaya: Kaya is a Shifter Rogue (resembling this sketch of a Shifter by Jrinaldi, which also sums up the style I'd like to see used - not realistic, but not very cartoony, either). Unlike most Rogues, she prefers the adrenaline rush from evading traps and sneaking by enemies over the material gains. She's hot-headed and clever, but naturally suspicious of others - she can be brutally honest. About twenty-three years of age, she and Locke are childhood friends. She normally uses a pair of wheellock pistols, and keeps a few bombs on her person at all times. She has a love for technology, in fact. She's also the most genre-savvy of the party.

    Scops: Scops is a rather nervous Raptoran Ranger - A former bounty hunter, Scops constantly found himself never quite getting his bounty. He tends to be a bit pessimistic and argumentative, but is by far the cleverest of the adventuring party when it comes to magic. He's often said that he wishes he was a Skypledged, but unfortunately, he was exiled from his rookery after spectacularly failing the Walk of the Four Winds. He's also afraid of heights - maybe he actually is cursed. He uses a footbow that can also double as a standard longbow in closed spaces.

    Ferrus Pax is a large, ancient Warforged Monk - as a matter of fact, he's about the size of the average Goliath. A sturdy, powerful warrior, he's physically built like a tank, and while he moves far slower than other Monks, he makes up for it in defenses and power. After an orphaned Kaya awakened him when she was a young girl, he took her in as his adopted daughter. He's constantly trying to adjust to the world after his centuries-long hibernation, and while smart, stoic and wise, he tends to be easily flustered due to a combination of culture shock and his "daughter's" reckless, thrill-seeking attitude. He would much rather live a peaceful, monastic lifestyle like he did before the hibernation, but unfortunately, he's had no such luck.

    The world they live in cribs liberally from the most iconic aspects of other settings - mostly Eberron, particularly when it comes to tech. The main Big Bads of the setting are the Church of Varus (an all-human church that persecutes non-humans), a version of the Lord of Blades (a renegade Warforged who leads a cult of personality centered on subjugating squishies - a far cry from the peaceful, monastic lifestyle most Warforged chose to live), the various Demon Lords, and the Drow. The tone of the show would be similar to the Thundercats reboot, albeit without a love triangle and with a lot more snarky humor similar to IDW's D&D comic.
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