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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    Zimelda, you have superior first aid talents. Please tend to the paladin, says Alessa, before collapsing back into her elemental form. The wave shifts forward and strikes at one of of the kobolds, hoping to slide it behind her so that she and Zimelda stand between the kobold and the prone Arjhan. Her slime instinctively moves towards new foes, but it's position is guided by an unseen signal from Alessa.

    Minor Action: Change to elemental form
    Move Action: Shift to k5
    Standard Action: Slide n' Slide @ Dragonshield 1
    Instinctive Action: Slime Moves to j3 (a square within 3 of the minion)

    Updated Map

    Attack vs. Dragonshield 1: (1d20+6)[16] vs. Reflex
    Hit: (1d8+5)[9] damage, slide it to j5.
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