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They really don't resemble Phyrexians much at all other than being mechanical. Phyrexians are nightmarish fusions of metal and flesh which worship brutal efficiency as the ultimate form of perfection and want to convert all other life into themselves in painful and horrific ways. Warforged kinda fall short of that bar.
The cult of the Lord of Blades kinda matches up with that, though they're more about exterminating non-warforged than conversion.

Personally though I've never been too fond of the Lord of Blades, he seems like an old sci-fi cliche (robots that become sentient will instantly want to wipe out humanity) for no reason other than "Well, a lot of boring, uncreative DMs will come up with this plot anyway, so we might as well include hooks for it in the setting." At least they sortof avoid the cliche by making the cult an extremist minority rather than something every Warforged automatically is a part of.