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    They say, if you stand in front of a mirror at midnight on All Hallows Eve, and you chant the name of Bloody Mary thrice, they won't find you in the morning...

    Primitive cultures are afraid of mirrors.

    They say that they capture your soul, your essence.

    Of course, they aren't wrong; but neither are they right. Still, there are those that would make pacts with mirrors, splintering themselves so that they might live forever, and finally have some meaning in their empty lives...

    But that's all old wives' tales, isn't it? That's impossible, so go to bed, my little sweetheart...

    Name-Me-Nots usually arise when someone feels empty. Not empty in the sense that some people don't have aspirations, but in the sense that parts of themselves are missing. Like a sense of scale. Or caring about others.

    So they desire to fix those issues, and start putting up mirrors in their soul.

    There isn't any way that this could go wrong, is there...

    Class Features: Eldritch Blast 2d6
    Recitations Known: Recitation of the Unclouded Eye
    Skills: Truenaming 8 ranks

    Special: Must have died in front of a mirror; this does not have to be an accident.

    But He Died
    If you meet the requirements for this prestige class, and would still meet them upon losing a level, you may choose to be restored to life with the first level of this prestige class, which is gained after losing one level. At this point, you stop aging, unless you are later resurrected after your Home Mirror is destroyed.

    Class Skills
    The Name-Me-Not's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (all) (Int), Perform (oratory) (Cha), Speak Language (n/a), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis) and Truespeak (Int).

    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int
    Absolute Limit per Level: 2+Cha

    Hit Dice: d8

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Truenaming|Invocation Use

    |Spectre Bound in Glass, Eldritch Speaker (+1), Your Reflection Knows, Eye of Vitality|-|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |Reflections Show Truth, All Mirrors are One (Room)|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |Eldritch Speaker (+2), Reflect the Heart, No Need For Eyes|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |Deceive Watcher, Illusions Can Kill, Eye of Ethics|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|-

    |Eldritch Speaker (+3), All Mirrors are One (Building)|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |Visions are Prophecy, Who is the Image?|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |Eldritch Speaker (+4), Reality Reflects the Image, Eye of Nomenclature|-|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |All Mirrors are One (City), Broken Mirrors Reflect Dreams|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |Eldritch Speaker (+5), Lord of All Perceived|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|+1 Level of Previous Invocation Using Class

    |Speak My Name, Too Many Eyes|+1 Level of Previous Truenaming Class|-[/table]

    Weapon Proficiencies: A Name-Me-Not gains no new proficiencies.

    Truenaming: At every level except 1st and 7th, a Name-Me-Not learns additional vocalizations as if they had gained a level in any one truenaming class they had previously gained levels in. These levels stack with their previous levels to determine their truenamer level.

    Invocation Use: At every level except 4th and 10th, a Name-Me-Not learns additional invocations as if they had gained levels in any one invoking class that they had previously gained levels in. These levels stack with their previous levels to determine their caster level, but do not advance their Eldritch Blast progression.

    Spectre Bound in Glass (Ex): You died. And when you came back, it was looking out of a sheet of glass. Perfect.

    Upon gaining the first level in this class, a Name-Me-Not loses their body, and begins to haunt a mirror. While they cannot normally move in this state, and in fact cannot do anything that would involve physical movement (thus losing their Strength score), they are not Undead, and thus due not lose their Constitution score, or gain other Undead immunities.

    They do, however, gain the following benefits

    -The mirror that they are bound to makes saves as if it were a magic item attended by the Name-Me-Not, and is designated as the Name-Me-Not's Home Mirror

    -The Name-Me-Not cannot be affected or targeted by the outside world; the only way to kill them is to destroy the mirror they are bound to.

    -The Name-Me-Not may see and hear their surroundings as if they were standing in the same place that their mirror occupies.

    -The Home Mirror counts as if it were the Name-Me-Not for the purpose of effects generated by the Name-Me-Not, and vice-versa.

    -The Name-Me-Not can speak audibly to any creature that can see the mirror; use the rules for avoiding a Gaze Attack if a creature is trying not to see the mirror.

    -The mirror displays an image of the Name-Me-Not as if they were in the room; the Name-Me-Not may move this image, as a Move action, around the mirror as if they were actually walking through the portions of whatever room they are in that are reflected by their Home Mirror, and treat any area that isn't reflected by the Home Mirror as if it did not exist. Interacting with objects inside the reflection cannot increase the amount of area reflected beyond the amount already reflected.

    -Any effects that a Name-Me-Not generates (such as Vocalizations and Invocations) originate from either their actual Home Mirror, or any one mirror in which they are currently projecting their image. Any Supernatural abilities granted by this class are only suppressed if either their home mirror or a mirror that they are reflecting their image in are under the effects of an Anti-Magic Field, or other equivalent effect.

    A Name-Me-Not can be compelled to leave the mirror through an Exorcism (Libris Mortis); if such an event should occur, the Name-Me-Not appears for the indicated amount of time, and loses all benefits and penalties of this class feature until that interval is over (which additionally removes all benefits that their Home Mirror may have gained from their levels in this class.)

    Eldritch Speaker (Ex): You made a pact with mirrors, with images, with deceit. Funny how lying to yourself works when you do it in the right language...

    Upon gaining the first level in this prestige class, a Name-Me-Not loses their Eldritch Blast, replacing it with a +1 untyped bonus on all Truenaming checks for each die of Eldritch Blast damage lost, which stacks from the bonus gained through levels in this class.

    In addition, they may use their Charisma modifier in the place of their Intelligence modifier when making Truenaming checks, and may apply a Blast Essence to any Utterance they make that deals damage.

    The save DCs for their Invocations are modified as if they were a Truenaming check by whether or not the Name-Me-Not knows a given creature's Truename or name.

    Finally, a Name-Me-Not has a final, horrific power; they may use any Invocation they know as if it were a Vocalization. Any Invocation that targets a single creature is treated as if it were an Utterance, any Invocation with a range of Personal is treated as if it were a Recitation, and all other Invocations are treated as if they were Incantations.

    This requires that the Name-Me-Not succeeds on a Truename check with a DC of 10+2*Effective Spell Level of the Invocation+minimum caster level at which you may access that grade of Invocation, but removes any save or attack roll that the Invocation would have possessed.

    Your Reflection Knows (Su): They try to hide it. They truly do. But they can't hide who they are from their reflection, can they? And you are their reflection...

    As long as a creature can see a Name-Me-Not's home mirror, the Name-Me-Not may perform a Truenaming check to determine information about a creature, whether personal in nature, or very personal in nature.

    Normally, this check is made against the related table; however, if the Name-Me-Not so chooses, they may use this check to research that creature's Truename as if they were making a Knowledge check of the appropriate kind, treating one minute of a creature looking into a mirror as if it were an hour of dedicated research.

    Finally, as long as a creature has line of sight to the Name-Me-Not's Home Mirror's reflective surface, the Name-Me-Not has line-of-sight to them.

    Your Reflection Knows Table
    DC|Type of Knowledge
    10|Common, general knowledge about that creature
    20|Uncommon, known only to family and friends
    30|Obscure, known to only their inner circle of friends and closest relatives
    40|Extremely Obscure, known only to a few confidants
    50|Dark Secrets, only known to that creature, private thoughts

    Eye of Vitality (Ex): They may be able to lie to their friends, and to their family, but they can't lie to themselves nearly as well as you could; you see all their little tweaks, twitches, and pain.

    Upon taking this prestige class, a Name-Me-Not gains Eye of Vitality as a bonus feat if they do not already have it; if they do, they instead gain any one [Truename] feat of their choice as a bonus feat.

    Reflections Show Truth: All the little perversions and affectations of others become obvious when seen in a mirror; you may be helping it along, a little...

    Once a Name-Me-Not has reached the second level in this class, they may use Spot to oppose any Sleight of Hand and Bluff checks that a creature visible in the Home Mirror is making.

    In addition, as long as an object is visible in the Home Mirror, the Name-Me-Not may use Spot in the place of any Appraise, Forgery, or Decipher Script check made to derive information about that object.

    Finally, a Name-Me-Not may use a Spot check in the place of a Will Save against any Illusion visible from where their Home Mirror is hanging.

    All Mirrors are One (Su): Really, when it comes down to it, all reflections are an opening to the same empty, staring world. You know this, and you feel at home.

    At 2nd level, any non-magical mirror or reflective object within the same room as the Name-Me-Not's Home Mirror is treated as if it were part of their Home Mirror for the purpose of their class features and where their image can travel inside the reflections; if any given area that the image is placed would be reflected by multiple mirrors, the image appears in that space in all mirrors where it would be reflected. Even if a mirror that would be affected by this class feature does not reflect any area that would reflected by any other mirror affected by this ability, the Name-Me-Not may transfer their image to any point within that mirror's reflection as a Move action.

    At 5th level, this benefit extends to all non-magical mirrors and reflective objects in the same building as the Home Mirror.

    At 8th level, this benefit extends to affect all non-magical mirrors and reflective surfaces within the same city.

    Smashing or otherwise destroying any mirror affected by this class feature other than the actual Home Mirror does not affect the Name-Me-Not; however, if their image is inside a mirror that is being smashed, they cannot move their reflection for a full hour, as they slowly pick themselves out of the shards of glass or other reflective materials...

    A Name-Me-Not may not transfer their image into or out of a mirror affected by an Anti-Magic Field or equivalent.

    Reflect the Heart (Su): You lay things bare, since you are a mirror; even if they try to hide themselves away, you can see them. And you can show them, too...

    A Name-Me-Not may, upon reaching 3rd level, take a free action to "possess" a creature's reflection in their Home Mirror. If they do so, they temporarily render their own image invisible, and instead control that creature's image as if it were their own image, as detailed in Spectre Bound in Glass. They may end this control at any time as a free action.

    As long as they are in the image of a creature, they may modify it as if using the Disguise Self spell, except that resulting image has to remain recognizable as that creature.

    In addition, they may, as a standard action, use Charm Monster on a creature as a Lesser Invocation.

    However, they act as if they had been Charmed by their reflection itself, not the Name-Me-Not; they treat their reflection as if it were their closest friend for that duration. In addition, the Name Me Not receives a +4 bonus to any opposed Charisma checks against a creature Charmed by their reflection for as long as they are in the form of that creature's reflection, but only if they know that creature's Truename.

    At any time during this duration, as a free action, the Name-Me-Not may change their image between that of the creature that they charm through this class feature and their own; they only benefit from having charmed that creature while in the form of that creature's reflection.

    Alternatively, they may reverse this class feature to instead give that creature a phobia of their own reflection; they must make a DC 10+Name-Me-Not's Class Level+their Charisma modifier to stay in the presence of their reflection, and receive a -2 Morale penalty to all d20 rolls for as long as they remain in the presence of reflective surface even if they succeed; they must continue to make saves vs. this effect until the "Positive" version of this ability would have worn out.

    In addition, the Name-Me-Not receives a bonus to all Intimidate checks against that creature while in the form of that creature's reflection equal to their Eldritch Speaker bonus.

    If either facet of this ability is successfully used, any changes that the Name-Me-Not makes to that creature's reflection are made to any reflection that that creature casts for the full duration of this ability.

    This ability may only be applied to one creature at a time. The Name-Me-Not may choose to have the duration on the current ability end as a Swift action.

    No Need for Eyes (Su): They think that you don't see, that you don't notice their thoughts and sins... but they're wrong. Oh how wrong they are...

    At 3rd level, as long as a creature is able to sense the reflective surface of a Name-Me-Not's Home Mirror in some way (including through touch or by scrying), the Name-Me-Not has Line of Sight to that creature.

    Deceive Watcher (Su): What do they see out of the corner of their eye? More importantly, what do they think that they see?

    At 4th level, a Name-Me-Not may choose to disguise their image by using a Truenaming Check instead of a Disguise check. If they do so, they gain no penalties for what they are disguising themselves as, no matter how drastically different it is from the normal appearance of the Name-Me-Not. This check benefits from the fact that the Name-Me-Not knows their Personal Truename.

    In addition, the Name-Me-Not in a form they adopted through reflect the Heart may, as an Utterance with a DC of 10+ the target creature's Will Save Modifier, cause that creature to believe that any effect that originates from the Name-Me-Not instead was caused by the creature whose reflection the Name-Me-Not has stolen, regardless of how nonsensical or obviously untrue this idea is. The effects of this class feature remain for a single week.

    Illusions can Kill (Sp): It's their fault, really; they can't take the fact that their sins will catch up to them...

    A Name-Me-Not of at least 4th level gains the ability to use Phantasmal Killer as a Lesser Invocation, but only on creatures that can see their reflection in whatever mirror that the effect is originating from, the illusion that they are making their save against appearing in the mirror to savage them.

    If they choose to use this Invocation as an Utterance, it only removes the Initial save, and requires a check 5 points higher than normal.

    Eye of Ethics (Ex): You can see how they think they are, as untrue as that might be. Silly sinners, you might believe you are Good, but you aren't...

    At 4th level, a Name-Me-Not gains Eye of Ethics as a bonus feat if they do not already have it; if they already have it, they instead gain any [Truename] feat that they qualify for as a bonus feat.

    Visions are Prophecy (Su): Don't the people passing by know that they can see anything in a mirror? Of course, it's easy to be able to see anything; the hard part is seeing any one particular thing...

    At 6th level, a Name-Me-Not's may elect to have any mirror considered to be their Home Mirror reflect what any other mirror considered to be their Home Mirror is reflecting. If their image is inside a mirror that they are showing the reflection from, they are considered to be reflected in both mirrors.

    Who is the Image? (Su): Their image was so lovely, it was a snap to take it, and to go off a walking with it...

    At 6th level, if a Name-Me-Not is currently duplicating a creature's image through Reflect the Heart, they may have their Home Mirror duplicate the effects of a Mirror of Opposition as if that creature was standing in front of it.

    They can only create a single such duplicate at a time; in addition, unlike with a true Mirror of Opposition, the duplicate's items are all non-magical, and they do not retain any spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities that the copied creature may have had.

    Instead, the Name-Me-Not may, as a Move action, as long as the duplicate is within sight of a mirror, treat the duplicate as if they were a mirror with the Name-Me-Not's image in it.

    Finally, the Name-Me-Not's Home Mirror is considered to be in the same position as the duplicate for the purpose of the area affected by their All Mirrors are One. The duplicate is completely and totally under the Name-Me-Not's control, at all times.

    The duplicate is destroyed upon the expiration of the Name-Me-Not's Reflect the Heart class feature, or any of the normal conditions that would cause a duplicate from a Mirror of Opposition to disappear. If the duplicate is being treated as a mirror reflecting the Name-Me-Not's image when it disappears, the Name-Me-Not is completely incapacitated for one hour, during which time their Home Mirror loses all the benefits it gained from this class, including the fact that it detects as magical.

    Reality Reflects the Image (Sp): Don't they realize that everything that they do is in an illusion? That they are the reflections? That you aren't aren't aren't an image at all?

    A Name-Me-Not of at least 7th level gains Mirage Arcana as a Greater Invocation, except that if it used inside, it affects the entire room that the mirror that the effect is used from occupies.

    In addition, any creature that fails their save against this effect becomes Incorporeal for as long as they are within the area of effect, but only in respect to the actual environment; they treat the illusionary environment as if it were entirely solid. For the purposes of any effect that would deal damage to the terrain, it has hardness and HP per inch equal to that of the mirror that created it.

    A duplicate created through Who is the Image? may elect change between having failed their save and having succeeded on their save as a free action at any time.

    Eye of Nomenclature (Ex): They told you it, you swear; it isn't anything wrong, it isn't!

    At 7th level, a Name-Me-Not gains Eye of Nomenclature as a bonus feat; if they already have it, they may choose any other [Truename] feat that they qualify for as a bonus feat.

    Broken Mirrors Reflect Dreams (Su): All is laid bare. There are no secrets, all facts are free.

    Whenever a Name-Me-Not of at least 8th level makes a check with Your Reflection Knows about a creature while having stolen that creature's form through Reflect the Heart, they may cause the mirror that they are making the check from to display whatever piece of information that they discovered in the most plain and understandable way possible.

    Whether it is their reflection suddenly reaching over and stabbing another creature through the gut, their reflection killing itself, or some other graphic event, the effect on viewers is usually very direct.

    Any creature that sees that mirror during this event (which lasts a single round) must make a Will save against a DC of 10+Name-Me-Not's class level+their Charisma modifier or be affected as if the Name-Me-Not had targeted them with their Deceive Viewer ability, believing that the creature being imitated actually performed the actions they saw in the reflection.

    Lord of All Perceived (Su): Why would they resist? Don't they know that it is useless? Useless? Useless?

    A Name-Me-Not of at least 9th level may elect to treat any image of a creature they are duplicating with Reflect the Heart as if it were a reflection for the purpose of taking control of that image and their class features.

    In addition, any non-magical artistic image or text that is reflected in their Home Mirror may be altered to show whatever image that the Name-Me-Not chooses over the course of a full-round action.

    Speak My Name (Su): BLOODY MARY, BLOODY MARY, BLOODY MAR- grggllglrlslg...

    Any time the name of a Name-Me-Not of at least 10th level is spoken in front of any mirror on the same plane as their Home Mirror, they may elect to treat that mirror as if it were in the same city as their Home Mirror for the purposes of the All Mirrors are One class feature for as long as the Name-Me-Not wishes, or until no creatures remain within line of sight of that mirror, whichever comes first.

    If the creature spoke the Name-Me-Not's name thrice, the Name-Me-Not may elect to treat them as if they were a duplicate created through Who Is The Image? for all purposes. This choice lasts for the duration of the Name-Me-Not's Reflect the Heart ability, only may be used while they have an active Reflect the Heart ability in effect, and physically changes the creature into a duplicate of the creature affected by Reflect the Heart.

    The second portion of this ability is a Greater Invocation equivalent to a 7th level spell.

    Too Many Eyes (Ex):

    At 10th level, a Name-Me-Not gains Too Many Eyes as a bonus feat; if they already have it, they may choose any other [Truename] feat that they qualify for as a bonus feat.

    Home Mirror
    A Name-Me-Not's Home Mirror gains the following benefits:

    {table=head]Class Level|Hardness|Special
    1-2|5|Shatter Immunity, Incredible Durability
    3-4|10|Everpolished Mirror
    5-6|15|Mirror-Sheen Reflection
    7-8|20|Not Just Mercury-Glass
    9-10|25|Beauty is Everything[/table]

    Hardness: A Name-Me-Not's Home Mirror has Hardness equal to the amount shown on the above table, instead of the Hardness 1 typical of glass.

    Shatter Immunity (Ex): A Home Mirror is immune to Shatter and any effect that is described as duplicating the Shatter spell.

    Incredible Durability (Ex): Any damage dealt to the Home Mirror is dealt to the Name-Me-Not instead; if the damage would be enough to kill the Name-Me-Not, the mirror shatters. In addition, the Home Mirror uses the Name-Me-Not's armor class instead of the normal armor class that a stationary object benefits from. This replaces the normal 1 hp per inch typical of glass.

    Everpolished Mirror (Su): A Home Mirror is constantly under the effects of a Prestidigitation effect that affects the entire mirror.

    Any creature that spends one minute looking at their reflection may benefit from this Prestidigitation effect, which affects them as normal for the spell; this is automatically conveyed to any creature looking at the Home Mirror.

    Mirror-Sheen Reflection (Su): A Home Mirror is treated as if they automatically succeeded on saving against any effect that it is being specifically targeted by, if the DC for the saving throw is less than or equal to the Home Mirror's Hardness (only counting the amount given on the table above). The mirror (and by extension, the Name-Me-Not), is completely unaffected by any effect that they save against in this manner.

    The Name-Me-Not may suppress or resume this effect as a move action.

    Not Just Mercury-Glass (Ex): The Home Mirror is no longer treated as if it were a mirror for the purposes of spells and effects generated by creatures other than the Name-Me-Not that inhabits it.

    The Name-Me-Not may suppress or resume this effect as a move action.

    Beauty is Everything (Su): Any creature benefiting from the effects of Everpolished Mirror may add their Charisma modifier to their Armor Class as a Perfection bonus.

    Brief description on how to play the class you are designing.
    Combat: Here's a section where you will describe common combat methods for your class. Remember to include information on how your class will use his powers in combat.
    Advancement: This is a section on different options and paths that the class can go down when they advance in power.
    Resources: What resources might a member of this PrC be able to draw on..

    Bloody Mary? A myth. Not that that stops me from being careful around mirrors...

    Name-Me-Nots are a story. An impossibility. A scary story told to impressionable children. Of course, the children won't tell you that, not after they see what's in the mirror...
    Daily Life: A Name-Me-Not does not have a typical 'day'. Some of them sit in dress shops; other in children's bedrooms, the bags of fine ladies and whores, and in many other sundry places.
    Notables: Bloody Mary was, as some say, the first Name-Me-Not; she is well known for only deigning to respond to her name being called in All Hallow's Eve, but when she does respond... Well, let your heart be clean, though she sees the sins in a Paladin.
    Organizations: There aren't any organizations for Name-Me-Nots, though some crime families do have a family member that entered the class, and who acts as a "Guardian Angel" for the family, as it were.

    NPC Reaction
    Most people laugh off Name-Me-Nots as something they left behind when they left the irrational world of children and grew to adulthood; they probably don't even know them by that name. But there are some, who leave all of their mirrors pointing towards a wall, and who scream a little when they see a puddle...

    Name-Me-Nots are primarily a skirmishing class; if all goes well, no-one will find their sanctum, where their Home Mirror is hidden, without potent divination magic. Indeed, smart Name-Me-Not's use their Who Is The Image? ability to lead their enemies off their scent, as it were.
    Adaptation: This class can go pretty silly with a rewrite, but probably does not belong in a more "realistic" setting. Or in a party where no-one is willing to carry around a hand mirror with their party member in it.
    Encounters: Perhaps a Name-Me-Not could decide to use a party member's reflection, or the party could be hired to deal with "poltergeist" activity...

    Sample Encounter
    Give an example of how one might encounter a member of this PrC.
    EL 15: You are investigating a house where there has been recent "Poltergeist" activity, when you come across a mirror where your reflection is hanging themselves from a rafter. More than a little disconcerting...

    Init +0, Senses: Listen +, Spot +,
    AC , touch , flat-footed ()
    hp ( HD)
    Fort +, Ref +, Will +
    Speed ft. ( squares)
    Base Atk +, Grp +
    Atk Options
    Combat Gear
    Spells Prepared
    Supernatural Abilities
    Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha