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Thread: Best D&D original monsters out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yora View Post
    I always assumed that that is just what people think the Lord of Blades is about. With Eberron, it should be a lot more complicated and not so much about Destroy all Humans but more about a well defended warforged nation.
    Five Nations (though I believe Dragon Magazine had it first) has stats and other information on the Lord of Blades and his actual base of operations. If him being misunderstood was really the intention, you'd think they'd include that information there. You would also think his clergy (as detailed in Faiths of Eberron) would also be clued in on this.

    I do agree though, the Lord of Blades being such a simple and shallow villain is a real disappointment considering part of where Eberron shines is in subverting these stereotypes.
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