Expanding on my idea, I want to see a cast of 4-6 characters (as the main party, there can be a huge ensemble of recurring allies, foils, anti-hero rivals and anti-villian enemies). Exactly 2 members of this group should be Genre-Savvy...a snarky CN or TN roguish Bard type who knows aaaaall about Stories and adventures because he knows it's an effective way to gain lewt and power, and an NG or CG Cleric of Kord who considers the Hero's Journey and its variants a sacrament, so she intentionally lives her entire life as an adventure and willingly accepts the danger involved so that she can set a good example for others. (She'd also be the kind to adventure in "breastplate" armor, complete with the quotation marks, because she knows her god is a lusty man-god and she wants to give him a good show; this is of course being very meta toward the predominantly male audience, while one of the other characters can subvert or oppose this trend).

For other members of the group I'm thinking of a very methodical and punctilious LN wizard and a token angsty character in the form of a Necropolitan fighter or warblade or something, who knows he's not as tough as the cleric but insists on being the meatshield anyway because he enjoys getting hurt as a form of penance for the same "sins" that made him seek out Crucimigration. If 4 characters isn't plenty, we could add a played-straight Paladin and a Ranger/Barbarian/Druid/Totemist/etc. but these rather narrow roles might be better devoted to recurring guest stars.