So the floaty finally joins! That'd be me yeah. Been lurking for a while and finally got too full of things to say that i registered and broke a key or two typing untill my fingers caught fire. If that doesn't tell you I have alot to say about almost everything; I also have a (yet to go up) video and live stream about both tabletops, games and media in general.

I am a game student, writer, a DM and I design tabletops for a hobby. So... yeah. Expect wall of texts and some pre-set opinions. Fair warning, I usually view the crunch as a way to support and manage the fluff rather than restrict it. The tools should not govern the creation, and so on. So, you know. You've been warned. OMAHGAWD IT'S ONE OF THOSE TEATRE GEEKS. well. Not really. the only acting I do is by voice. Either way. Just thought i'd introduce myself and give everyone a chance to RUN FOR THE HILLS!!

Fun to finally be able to write here. For me that is. Maybe not so much so for anyone else.