The barbarian nodded somewhat hesitantly. Magic. It was something that he could never have understood. Something mysterious, and often unreliable, though that's not always the case as his trusted weapon testifies. But it was useful, and it was powerful. That he knew, and they had enemies to slay.

Kadaith growled as the infernal power washed over him. It was a curious experience. Not painful or unpleasant, but it left him feeling somehow twisted and sullied. Perhaps it was only his imagination. What was certain though was that his senses were sharper and his body felt as thought it was almost bursting with heat. Swinging his blade once, he could feel some of the heat leave him and the edge of his weapon flashed red for a moment instead of its usual blue.

"Thank you Dragon. Now we kill and take what we need."

Without any concern for such prosaic matters as stealth or planning, Kadaith stepped forward and emanated an ear splitting roar into the room.