Dak slinks up behind the wall, peering just above it before retreating to a safe position. Taking in a deep breath and calculating his next move, he pays no attention to the happenings between Infernion and the large human, turning to his right and addressing the wolf. See if Dak impress you now... he says as his eyes begin to glow a soft green. Observant ones would realize Dak caressing the ring snug on his left middle finger. With the entirety of both eyes glowing a fierce verdant color, he whispers the words "alok aar."

In draconic, "Arise servant." I'm trying to mimic the draconic language used in Skyrim as much as I can.

Just then, from the far corner of the room, a gargantuan green dragon phases through the stone wall into the upper heights near the ceiling, breathing fire along the stony surface with a horrific roar, (curiously, at the same time that Kadaith lets his out. Enemies nearby might suspect the dragon above them could magically project its voice across the room). Ones who were well-traveled in this realm would swear Thorn herself had appeared in their midst!

All at once you hear her bellow terribly toward the devil and its companions: YOU WEAK FOOLS MAY MEDDLE IN DARK MAGIC...

While those close by hear Dak whisper these words, caressing his ring further still: hiu sahlo aal wahlaan mey ko vul lah...

...BUT YOUR ARROGANCE WILL BE YOUR DOOM. And from Dak, ...nuz hiu pahlok fen hiu daan.

FOR I AM THORN, AND I AM HUNGRY! fah zu'u Thrazau ahrk zu'u bahlok!

With a blood-curdling shreik unlike anything heard by anyone in the room besides Dak, Thorn digs deep inside her throat and breathes waves of molten fire upon the hapless humans below her. They appear to splash off the stone walls on either side of her foes.

Using my daily item power from my Ring of Dragons:

-You can speak, read, and write Draconic.
-You gain telepathy that works within line of sight, but only to converse with dragons.
Power Daily (Free Action)Effect: Evil dragons within a day's travel know the direction and distance to the ring for 24 hours.
Power (Illusion) Daily (Standard Action)Effect: The illusion of a dragon of up to Gargantuan size appears in an unoccupied space within 40 squares of you. It can make sounds and can move within its space. Each of its defenses is 10. The illusion lasts until the end of your next turn, until an attack hits it, or until a creature touches it or enters its space. An Insight check (DC 20 + one-half your level) allows a creature to determine that the image is an illusion.
Sustain Minor: The image persists until the end of your next turn, and you move it up to 10 squares.

And yes, I did just make up a name for Thorn in Draconic. Use it or don't, doesn't matter to me