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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    Mertes Status
    As the goblin charge in, Mertes smile thinking, Finaly some worthy enemy.
    Mertes jump onto his feets,
    "Lets see who is the strongest Irontooth! I am Mertes, the last enemy you'll face!"
    The goliath rise Life-Ender and letting his built up anger play out, striking hard at the monster head. After the attack, the goliath capitalize on it and kick at the monster belly forcing it back afew steps.

    Took 7 damages (3 THP and 4 HP)

    Move : Stand up
    Standard : Tyrant's Rage on Irontooth
    Attack on Irontooth : (1D20+8)[13] VS WILL
    Hit : (2D12+4)[13] damages and the Irontooth is Dazed (Save ends)
    Miss : Half damage and Irontooth is Dazed UENT (Mertes)
    Effect : Rage of the tyrant : As minor action, Mertes can push every adjacent enemies 1 square (Once per round)
    Minor : Rage of tyrant : Push Irontooth to N15
    End of turn : Oath of enmity ends
    End of turn : Sustain endurance ends.

    Mertes Status
    HP :...19/39...TEMP HP :...0
    Surge Value :...9
    Surge left/surge per day :...5/12
    AC:...17 ...FORT:...17 ... REF:...14 ...WILL:...14 ...
    Main Hand : Life-ender (Battleaxe)
    Off Hand : Life-ender (Battleaxe)
    Encounter count : 2
    Powers :
    Howling Strike
    Pressing Strike

    Action point (0/2)Second Wind
    Resurgent Strike
    Oath of enmity
    Stone Endurance
    Swift Charge
    Iron Wolf Charge
    Nomad's Rush

    Tyrant's Rage
    Items powers:

    Consumables :

    Effects from Mertes :
    Irontooth is Dazed

    Effects on Mertes :
    [S]Wrenched Arms: -2 to any attack or skill check involving use of his arms, unless he sustained endurance via a minor action earlier in the turn, or uses an AP during the turn. If he stops sustaining, DC 10 is necessary to resume. [s]
    Rage of the Tyrant : Can push every adjacent enemies 1 square / once per round as minor action.

    Items Carried/Owned :

    Hide armor
    Flint and steel
    Sunrod (1)
    Rations (10 days)
    50' hempen rope
    Greataxe (named Life-Ender)
    Javelin (4/4)
    Waterskin With Deputy commissioning papers inside.
    Rager Belt (Magical)
    Gnome Daggers (2/2)

    Wealth :
    1 GP
    5 SP

    Group Wealth :
    Agrid Daggers
    Mertes Owe 65 GP to the group (disease treatment).
    9 GP
    53 SP
    50 GP (From Padraig)
    Paper giving 500GP credit in Winterhaven (From Padraig)

    XP : 1156
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