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    If you use magic as technology, you pretty much have to make it victorian-style MagePunk. It's ancient and medieval campaigns were it really doesn't work at all.
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    That reminds me; settings without developed NPCs.

    Everyone (or mostly everyone) well known in a setting should be realized--famous and infamous characters and especially leaders. Maybe not every character needs to be detailed exactly, but it helps to run a campaign with ideas in mind for who's who.
    As much as people keep hating on Forgotten Realms, the people are the setting.
    Well, technically everything but the PCs and NPC is what the word setting means, but a setting is just a stage. Only when people are doing something on that stage does it become interesting and alive.

    For my own setting, I have the stage pretty much perfectly set, but it still feels like it's in a very early stage of development because there aren't any actual people yet. There are races and cultures, but to have any stories take place in it, it now needs to have some movers and shakers. People with conflicting goals and coliding values who cause the friction where there is anything for characters to do.
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