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    You all hear Dak start to whisper in some bizarre language, however Infernion knows what is going on, yet is still confused. Almost the exact same second Kadaith stands up and bellows, a Giant Green Dragon appears in front of him, facing the enemies. The crazed, not so clothed, cultists look up with fear in their eyes and run screaming back towards their profit. The two robed figures, too, take a few steps back at the sight of an ancient Green Dragon (I mean, who wouldn't?). The only one who doesn't seem effected by the Dragon's mighty presence is the profit himself.......and the devil. The Profit lets out a shriek, more than a scream, his voice piercing through the room, "You think you can fool me? The Avatar of the mighty Asmodeous???!!!!!! YOU WILL BURN WITH DEVIL'S FIRE FOR THIS INSOLENCE!!!!!!!" With that he points and the devil and the devil takes a step forward and looks the dragon in the eye. The Devil lets out a roar itself, and its chains shoot from its body, wrapping around the dragon's neck, and slice it clean off. As soon as the head is severed from the body, the illusion dissipates, and the cultists look around, trying to find you........
    Ok, everyone make an "action" post during that will happen simultaneously with this post. And when they action is done, initiative.
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