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    Irril Xar'Cha

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Far chimera of K'rax-Naggath, part drow

    Age: Appears early teens (14 HPME*)

    Profession: N/A

    Description: When Irril appears as a drow, as she does most often, she looks like a short and lithe young girl. Her skin is a dark grey, but lighter than most drow. Her hair is white and cut in a neat bob. Her eyes are a striking blue and her ears are pointed. She typically wears a black karategi and a black bandit's mask, but she will occasionally wear other clothing, though she will usually wear the mask regardless.

    Her chimera form, however, is much different. She's actually smaller than her drow form and looks half raccoon, half cobra, half bat, and half hawk. Her form is rarely consistent, but is always made up of various part of the aforementioned animals. Her skin, fur, scales, and feathers are always a deep black that almost seems like a hole in reality rather than a colour. Various patterns in an almost luminescent blue break up the blackness.

    Personality: Irril likes to explore and investigate. She's ever curious about most anything. This sometimes gets her in trouble, however, as she doesn't have a strong concept of ownership and sticky fingers. She's not one to want to cause anyone misfortune, however.

    • A black, drawstring backpack

    Inventory: Backpack


    Abilities: Irril can create a small knife out of at will.

    She can step into other dimensions as long as she's in shadows or darkness. She can use this as a form of transportation or to hide.

    Backstory: To come soon.

    Miscellaneous: N/A

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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