As the devil decapitates Dak's illusion, he breathes an exhaustive sigh and exclaims, Dak hope Mother proud!

He hops up and swipes at a spot on his belt, a curious spot that seems to glow prismatic colors...alternating between red, blue, black, white and gray. As he does so, his hand is covered in a sort of sparkling blue goo. When Kadaith rushes by, he slaps the man's back. The viscous material, in an alive-like manner, crawls to his weapon and soakes into the blade. All of a sudden a rush of cold energy joins up with the imbued fire to form a swirling effect, empowering the weapon further!

Running along the ledge, he removes one of the disks affixed to his chest and pushes a side button. Arming his crossbow with it and firing in one easy motion, he coats the Tiefling in an energy not seen before. All at once, Ewin feels impenetrable and bolstered.

Move to F5

Minor on Kadaith -- Fleeting Dweomer: Until the end of the encounter, your attacks do +6 cold damage and if you crit, you give the enemy ongoing 10 cold. I'm envisioning your sword has twisting red and blue energy around it right now. You get the bonus because of Infernion's +2 to attack rolls you already have. Go get 'em tiger!

Minor on Ewin: Resistive Formula. Gain a +1 to AC for the entire encounter, or expend this bonus as a free action to gain THP equal to your surge value + 2. :) (this will burn up one of my heals, but think of this as pre-emptive healing.)

For the original party: Don't forget this! ARCANE REJUVENATION
Before combat, an artificer spends time infusing his or her alliesí magic items with curative energy. Whenever one of the artificerís allies uses a magic itemís daily power, that ally absorbs the energy and gains temporary hit points equal to one-half your level + your Intelligence modifier (12).

Init: [roll0]