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    Dana Johnson

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 24

    Profession: Owner of Dana's Place. Mother of two.

    Description: Dana is a pretty young woman. She has fair skin and dark hair that she often wears in a messy bun. Here big eyes are a light hazel. She's fairly short and she has gentle curves. She typically wears sleeveless dresses that are conservatively cut.

    Personality: Dana is a very friendly person. She cares deeply for those she's close to and will often put their needs above her own. She will often give her time and resources freely. While this makes her a very generous person, it also gets to the point that other aspects of her life suffer.




    Abilities: Dana possesses no noteworthy abilities.

    Backstory: Dana has lived her whole life in the Nexus in Riverside. At a young age her mother died and her father was left to raise her alone. He was always very protective of her and always wanted to make her happy. Aside from that, her early life was not particularly noteworthy. She attended and passed school. She was considering post secondary education, but never pursued it. At one point she decided to volunteer at the orphanage in Riverside, and since then it's become a huge part of her life. Later, with her father's help, she started up an ice cream parlor, Dana's Place.

    Miscellaneous: Dana has adopted two children from the Riverside children's home. Their names are Michael and Lily (played by Slii Arhem).
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