Here's what I've been wondering; can you have a party of strikers built to fulfill every role? Sure, a striker can get high damage, but can you have one that consistently marks and punishes those who break said marks?

Let's try to build the other three roles using strikers! Hybrids are allowed, but both base classes must be considered a striker.

A leader needs to;
  • Enable allies to make attacks,
  • Heal the party,
  • And to buff the players.

A defender needs;
  • Good HP/Healing Surges,
  • Good defences,
  • A way to consitently mark,
  • And to punish those to ignore marks.

A controller needs to;
  • Debuff enemies,
  • Deal decent damage to many enemies at once,
  • And give penalty conditions and forced movement to enemies.

If you really wanna be awesome about it, here's a place where you can find an index of class guides. It's good for seeing what goes into being a controller, leader, or defender.
Here is the link!

Anyway, any thoughts or suggestions?