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    "Yes, of course I can introduce you to the locals. However, tomorrow I leave for the church, I must find out what has happened to my companions. I wish you luck in your trek to Madame Eva's."

    Ashlyn guides Ryan and Adolamin into the tavern. Inside the main room, most of the tables are packed with families. "There behind the bar, that is Arik, the barkeep. At the back there," she points to a man sitting alone, sipping at a goblet of wine, "Is Ismark the Lesser. He is the burgomaster's son. You said you had business with the burgomaster? He would be the one to talk too." As Ashlyn takes you around and introduces you to the various families, you notice that she is avoiding a table with three men. You recognize two of them as the men who helped rebuild the barricade. She then takes you back, into the guest rooms that are even more crowded, and continues to introduce you.

    You did not notice anything new with detect magic when Peter fell to the ground. Also, I will start posting anything you gain from detect thoughts in these spoilers, as well as who you gain it from.
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