You are escorted into the keep. That guard motions for you to follow him inside, down a long hallway. Defensively, the long hallway, with small arrow slits to the sides, and what you are sure are murder holes in the ceiling above, is a great tool. It seems a little ominous that a noble would need such measures, but the house is very old, so perhaps once long ago they were needed...or maybe this man has enemies. You are lead into a large dining hall. An entire tree burns in the hearth, illuminating the room. The dying sun shines through stain glass windows depicting battle scenes. Even these windows are reinforced with bars, so there is no entry possible there. The bars add to the militaristic feel of the entire home.

A middle aged elf stands by the hearth. "You are the one that has been treating my granddaughter. Tell me what you know of her illness."