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You should see if you can find a fencing place. I used to fence and loved it. I really miss it now. :(
Last year I was looking into applying to a kendo club at my then-university city's club, but then feces hit the rotating air movement device. Fencing is interesting too, but two of my friends already practice it, and while I would like sparring against them, I'd rather go into a different field, especially seeing as they're already experts. Plus, the style is less my thing, I think. And I also LARP, and have discovered that fencing moves are actually very dangerous and very much forbidden at LARPs, because the foamrubber weapons effectively become whips and thus much more damaging and hurting.

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Well, you throw in some good grappling martial arts and dance classes and you can have some fun, I'll say that much.
Ha! Good one. That'll be a little while yet, I think. Dance classes are an interesting idea though, yeah. This weekend I'll be at a workshopweekend organized by the same people who organize the LARPs I attend, where they also got one for "balfolk", which is a kind of dance apparently. I asked if she wanted to come too, but she has exams the week after, so that's a no-go. Instead, another girl asked me to dance with her then (we're pretty good friends considering how few we see one another, basically only the LARP events) and I'll be seeing birthday-girl on Friday hopefully.

In the meantime, I feel like we've kind of drifted off topic there for a bit. xD Sorry for that, but feel free to assist me and continue the converation in here!