Leader: Can't fill all three criteria at the same time. Sorcerer-King Pact warlock comes close.

Defender: Iron Soul monk, avenger MC cleric for Tactical Warpriest, barbarian Ancestral Weapon, Cha-primary blackguard, pick one. Alternately, I recall a half-elf feat somewhere that has their Dilettante power mark.

Controller: Completely unnecessary and can be dropped without comment. Otherwise, ignoring your criteria regarding AoE effects (as that's the mistake Wootsie made), a non-Stone Fist monk or Fey Pact warlock covers this neatly.


First, EVERY CLASS has access to control effects in their powers, or can obtain them with little effort, weakening any argument for a standalone role for it. The warlock, in particular, has been noted to be a "single-target Controller" rather than a Striker; while it follows the Striker's defined role of "remove priority targets from the battle," it does so through pinpoint debuffing, rather than raw damage.

Now. The Defender's actual use in combat is as a master of "soft" control... in which the debuff/punishment occurs at the enemy's choice. Barbarians get a few marking powers, Iron Soul monks get to lock enemies down right beside them, and an avenger with the Censure of Pursuit makes a fairly decent pseudo-Defender up until level 16 (provided he takes the Tactical Warpriest PP), at which point he becomes an actual Defender, complete with mark (EONT, when you smack someone) and punishment (OA when mark penalty applies). Iron Soul, however, requires the use of themes, specifically Guardian.

Which leaves Leaders, for which you're rather in the cold here as Strikers have a tendency to be a bit self-serving. But never fear, for the warlock has a pact for every role! In this case, the powers associated with the Sorcerer-King Pact do everything but heal, while some powers and a PP (Astral Ascendant) from the Vestige Pact do that. Thaneborn barbarians also have a few buffing powers, but here, like the Controller, you're more likely to see these points spread around among the party rather than concentrated in one character.

And, while not technically considered Strikers, an alternate suggestion is to simply add a warlord or bard/Evermeet Warlock to the party. In the latter case, you'd be providing much needed free movement so that the actual Strikers can use all their actions on attacks. Red Mists FTW!