I can never remember which of Verossa's stories is which, they all seem to have the same ending.

'I didn't think much of the plan either. It strikes me that as commander on the field, you've likely a better grasp of the tactical situation than our elven patron. This engagement, however, is all about strategy, in his mind.

Still, I'm no military man. I'll leave m'lady Elenora, and Verossa to thrash out the details of the plan with you.

In the meantime, perhaps you could direct me to the tents of the wounded? I would put what skills I do have to good use. We are to cost you some men, I look to repay you in kind, as best I can'.

Raif Clearsight looks about for the tents of the most wounded and the dying, dismounting from his horse, and taking his healing kit from his pack.