I have incredibly low self esteem, and I have no reason to. Were I to assemble a description of myself going by my friends, I'd get something along the lines of "AT is a fairly attractive, funny, nice guy who has eloquent things to say when he puts his mind to it. He also drawls pretty well." How do I know this? I have a three page Word Doc of basically all written compliments I've received in the last year. I usually have to look at it at least once a week to push myself through the weekend. Issues I've mentioned in the Relationship Woes Thread aren't making things anything better.

For a while I thought I might have an inferiority complex, but having read up on it, I think that's unlikely. Part of me guesses that's still possible, but I don't want to talk to my parents about going to see a shrink, because ... Yeah. I realize shrink's do good things for people, I have two friends who desperately needed them and are doing quite a bit better now that they're getting help ... There's just something that'd make me feel like I had even less control over my life than I already do were I to make them public.

I think part of my problem was that my mom is a hypochondriac for me. When I was younger she thought I had all sorts of issues (ex: Bipolar) and now that I'm older she thinks I have Asperger's.