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    Default Base Class Challenge Chat Thread III: Gotta 'Brew 'Em All!

    Base Class Challenge Chat Thread III:
    Gotta 'Brew 'Em All!

    Chat thread three is here and with it, a whole fifty pages of fun and pink-orange-yellow fruits! Whoo!

    Any entries for contests should be entered in the current contest and discussed here. That is, anything other than entries goes here. Also, anyone who enters the contests may have their classes evaluated for what "tier" it's in by Morph Bark here. This has no bearing on the contest, however, so keep making what you like.

    For those of you who are fans of the Pathfinder system (sometimes called 3.P), please refer to the Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition.

    Current Contest - Will Breed for Class

    Past Contests

    Contest Name First Place Winner
    I The Light Beckons Twilight Caster Owrtho
    II Altar of Naught Ebon Initiate ErrantX
    III Can I Borrow That? Hemoscribe Morph Bark
    IV Tipping the Scale Gambler PairO'Dice Lost
    V You're MIND! Mindwarped dragonjek
    VI Let's Play Dress Up! Stylist Cipherthe3vil
    VII You've Been PUNK'D! Generator ErrantX
    VIII One Small Step for a Contest...One Giant Step for Contestkind Zodiac Derjuin
    IX Better Than it Sounds Farmer Derjuin
    X Name That Class Tempest Warlord Silva Stormrage
    XI Big Money Weave a Mighty Web Companion titanreaver
    XII Race Race Son of Man Morph Bark
    XIII On a Whim Cycle Warden sirpercival
    XIV Champions and Mooks Ley Engineer sirpercival
    XV Lights! Camera! Extractor sirpercival
    XVI Doing What We Must Because We Can Astronomer sirpercival
    XVII Heroes of Note: Keeping it Trill TreŁthSyngŽr BelGareth
    XVIII Crazy Hobos Everywhere Panphobic sirpercival
    XIX Inner Might Jinnblood Zaydos
    XX Fables and Mythos and Tales, Oh My Tall Tale Zaydos
    XXI Can I Get Some Booze From the Crowd? Intoxicanter Zaydos
    XXII Taking Pixars of Dreamworks Mecha Ace Jester of Doom
    XXIII Armageddon Ready Doomsayer Zaydos

    Past Chat Threads

    Thread Subtitle
    I -
    II -
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    Base Class Contest XXXXII - Entropy and Renewal
    Chat Thread
    Voting Thread - Votes Due April 11th

    Please feel free to PM me any thoughts on my homebrew (or comment in the thread if it's not too old).