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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverraptor View Post
    Results are in! I managed to eat half of it in 15 minutes, but then had to tap out. It was at that point that my sense of taste was gone and it just felt like there was just stuff in my mouth. No taste or anything. Oh well, it was the thrill of doing the challenge was the reason for the attempt.

    Also, the owners invited the only guy who actually succeeded in the challenge to come and watch. He cheered me at the end saying I did the right thing for tapping out, telling me his roommate had to watch him for the next 36 hours after he did the challenge to make sure he didn't die or anything, cause he felt bad that entire time. He also said that he was still impressed I ate half of it in 15 minutes. Most people who attempt it don't even get that far in that amount of time.
    Either way good for you. 2lbs of burrito in 15 minute is impressive as it is. How big was it?

    Quote Originally Posted by pffh View Post
    Wait if that's a 4 pound burrito how is eating one in 30 minutes anything close to a challenge?
    Yeah it doesn't look all that big, but then again, that guy is insane. I saw a video of him putting away over 8lbs of burger, 5lbs of fries, and a large soda. He was the only guy who managed it at that place ever. That challenge was henceforth named after him.
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