The principal takes your Pokedexes off you and lays them out on the table, before pulling a USB out and sliding it in the base of the pokedex. A few beeps, whirrs, and flashes later, he hands your pokedex back to you, and you notice your identification screen has changed. The background has become gold, your status is now "Graduate Trainer" and it has a digital badge counter.

"Now, your pokedex has been upgraded to show the full extent of your trainer qualifications, it has a new background, and has unlocked all the features, including disallowing the school to monitor your progress. You could consider it a digital cirtificate, or "badge".

He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out four cards handing one to each of you. Each card has your name on it, as well as a gold "T".

"These are all-purpose passes for the islands, you can travel to any of the islands, as long as you don't go to the mainland, which is where they'll be confiscated." He hands one to each of you.

Professor Oak pipes up from behind him. *cough* "Back to the upgrades, this unlocks costmetic things like changing the backround to an image or another colour, and I will be handling your Pokedex evaluation, unless you find another professor who you would prefer to handle it for you"

You notice as he moves back, Damian has opened the box and is unlocking four compartments, which Chef', Professor Oak and Damian himself take a case out of a compartment, which you notice have an egg in them. The principal looks around briefly before he notices the last egg in the compartment, before taking it to Leena.

Leena: "Raise it well" the principal hands it over (once your hands are empty) before turning around and walking back to his previous position. The egg is a somewhat dull blue colour, looking almost patchwork.

Razel: Chef Lemau comes up to you holding the egg in his hands waiting for you to take it. "Here's yours, this one isn't for cooking" he gives a brief chuckle. The egg has a bit of a pinkish tinge, there are some darker splotches littered about.

Donavon: Professor Oak approaches you with the egg he holds it waiting for you to take it. "Thanks for helping me with my work, maybe stop by the island sometime?" the egg is a light tan colour, riddle with dark lines that looks like it could resemble scales.

Wordplay: Damian walks up to you, "You raised it's parents, and they wanted you to have this" He waits for you to take the egg. It's a blue colour with a white and black spiral on the middle.

Each egg comes with a case, it doesn't take up much room and can easily fit in your pack.

Upon inspection you can tell that your egg containes a Nidoran (M) Unless you actively try to inspect everyone elses, you don't know.