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[Xar'Cha Palace]

Izzy gives the Matron of Renor'vlos a slightly apologetic look as he redirects his attention to his own Matron Mother and dear aunt. He very much appreciates the showmanship. When the little show is over and done with, he bows along with everyone else.

Kirk directs his attention away somewhat reluctantly. Sure, teh show is impressive, but he can't help but hold a negative opinion of the Matron Mother especially. Not that it's founded, but he could care less. When it comes time to bow, Kirk stubbornly remains upright. He really should know better.

Samona watches the little display with interest. These drow sure like their displays of power and wealth it seems. Not that that's unexpected. She bows at the end as well, though not particularly deeply. Her's is a neck not bent to just anyone.