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Thread: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

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    Myrddin relaxes agianst the side of one of the building, and waits for Ryan and Ashlyn to finish their business in the inn.

    When Revan offers to assist in the funeral, Myrddin's eyes flash with anger and tension returns to his frame.

    I would greatly prefer it if only Ashlyn, as a Barovian from the same community as my cousin, performed the rites. Once I have seen to his funeral I will join you on watch for the night.


    Will save: 13 + 8 + 1 if provoked by spell

    how do you get the dice to work? [roll]1d20[/roll] gives me [roll0]

    Also, at the first convenient point between now and when we all rest for the night, I try to find Ashlyn in private, away from the party and talk to her.

    Hello agian, Lightbringer. I apologize for not introducing myself properly earlier. I am Myrddin, Exalted Druid in service to Phieren. I am here on a mission for the forces of good. Would you know of the location of any libraries, archives, or ruins in Barovia? Or perhaps someone who would know of such things? Also, if you know of any other druids or druids' circles in the region, I would like to know of them.

    I suspect you already know this, but I would strongly advise you not to trust the cleric. He is no priest of Pelor, and I doubt whatever god he serves acts in the interest of Barovia. I personally witnessed him command some of the undead as if he were their master. Myself and the rest of the party will discern his true intentions and deal with him. We will not confront him in the town, due to the risk it may pose to those you are protecting.

    I have one last request, I have sworn a sacred vow of poverty, and as such I have forsworn all material possessions in order to seek enlightenment. Dark days are coming, and some of the more powerful spells at my disposal require components of material value. I beg from you, would you be willing to bless one of my waterskins, such that it contains holy water? Also, could you provide two 50gp quartz gemstones? I would ask that you would not do this as a gift to me, but an offering up to forces of good, that it is my burden and duty to see used to their end
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