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Somewhere in Ponyville, there's a pegasus named Ditzy Doo that is crying her eyes out from all the things that were just discussed.

She may not be the one everyone thinks is Derpy

She may not have ever shown herself on screen

But that is her name and she did not mean to go north for the...*sniff*... southern birds... and everyone just assumes that... *tear*... because her name....*cries*
Ditzy Do can't hear us over the millions of bits she's made off of her Daring Do series

Actually I would say Ditzy would be the hurtful nickname for Derpy. (Thus why Rainbow Dash used Derpy when talking to her.)

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I'd say you are applying Human bias to Pony culture. For all we know Ditzy could mean "most fair and kind" in Equestrian.

And I hope you know that this whole thing isn't meant in seriousness
And Fluttershy clearly means brave, strong, flyer